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Google Penguin UpdateSeveral websites have faced the impact of this, and undergo certain procedures to come out from Google Penguin. With these simple tips you can make the process easier.

Removing Broken Links

Another reason for the drop in ranking is broken links and pages that do not respond. You have to remove the broken links for a better performance and get free from Google Penguin.

Elimination of Low Quality Content from Search Engine

Content is the important part of any website. Though there are several ways to attract the traffic to your website, it is the content that helps you to gain the audience. Having low quality content will not help you to gain good search engine ranking. It is important for you to provide good quality and original content for the audience.

Proper Keyword Analysis and Research

Having a proper keyword research is important, as keywords play an important role when it comes to search engine optimization. Having proper keywords for high quality content is important to increase the visibility and gain a good search engine ranking. The Google Penguin can charge a penalty on your website, if you lack proper keyword research for all your content in your web site. The best ways to recover is editing your content and have a good keyword research to provide you a good result.

The best option for you is to choose the keywords that have high search traffic but a low competition; this will help you to recover from Google Penguin easily. But getting the best keywords alone will not help you with Google Penguin, but you should also be aware of the keyword density in your content. High keyword density may reduce the quality of the content.

Archive Pages with ‘no index’

Usually the bloggers make a mistake in indexing the archive pages, as they fail to use the ‘noindex’ meta tag, which result in lower quality. As archive pages can link to other pages like, tag pages, category pages, author pages etc. you have to use the ‘noindex’ as the meta tag, to prevent the low quality content in archive page in coming up in Google searches. This will help your website or blog site get relived from duplicate as well as low quality content.

Social Media Optimization

Social Medias play an important role when it comes to SEO and the Google ranking. Sites that are not link building, but providing beneficiary content to the readers that they will love and can share through the social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. have a greater approval at Google. With the optimization of your content along with the site links in the social media websites, you can help to recover your website or blog site from the Google Penguin easily. Using the Google Plus social media network allows you to recover from the Google Penguin, by acknowledging Google about the progress.

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