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Mobile AppsYour skills need to be more technical when you have to develop the mobile apps. It is more complicated to design a website for Desktop or Laptop. As you have short screen on mobiles, so the User Interface needs to be more specific and appealing, otherwise users may lose interest in the app. Following are some suggestions to be kept in mind while designing a mobile app.

Keep File Size Small

Large file size is not a good choice for mobile apps. Smaller and fewer files have quicker loading times. So, to develop a product that you want to function properly and responsively, you have to keep file size small. Quicker loading of files is more likely to satisfy the users.

Upside-Down Navigation Approach

Websites designed for monitor usually have top to bottom navigation approach which is not suitable. You must mind that mobile users have not that large screen, so to replicate the Desktop website design is a huge mistake. So, it should have upside down navigation approach so that the appropriate elements may compliment your digital presence.

Realize the Difference between Mobile Apps and a Site on Monitor

You should be aware of the design that you are going to adopt for your app. Make it sure that it will convey your information appropriately on mobile. Your website designed for monitor is not fit to condense into mobile devices. Get familiar with the appropriate technology for mobile apps. It is most recommended to keep it very simple and concise when you are attempting for the first time.

App Mechanics

There are different mobile devices, all having different designs for apps. A tablet has more space than other devices; smartphones are capable of swipe scrolling and so on. Having a specific mobile device in your mind, you can design mobile apps more beautifully. Sometime it is fruitful, however, to develop a general mobile app that is applicable to all mobile devices. So, if you are not required to design an app for a specific device, try to make it compatible for all. It should run smoothly on stylus as well as on touchscreen.

Make Photo Uploads Easier

The uploading of photos is an important issue. The mobile devices having camera are very common now, so it is also suggested to design the mobile app so as to offer an option to capture a new photo instead to upload an older photo from the mobile wherever it may apply. Make it sure that the mobile app is capable of storing photos both on the device and server side.

Screen Resolution

There are a lot of choices in the market when it comes to mobile devices. As foresaid, all of these are not same. Android device, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and others are different magnifications. So it is hard to assess the ideal screen resolution. So it is suggested to put a little data on the display screen and to enlarge it.

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