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Most of the website owners and web developers focus on developing the website, presenting it with exquisite looks and providing a proper SEO services. Due to this some of them fail to concentrate on the loading speed of the website. But lately, as announced by the Google’s 200 Ranking Factors, the speed of the website holds a greater place in the search engine ranking of the websites.

Google Top 5 Websites’ Speed

Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon are major sites in the internet today, and according to statistics it is proved that 20% of the click on the Google search engine result pages lead to these sites. These websites have proved to have a remarkable page speed score, which was obtained using the Google’s Page Speed Tool.

Page Load Speed and User Experience

It is a well known fact that if your website’s pages load faster you can definitely have the audience satisfied. According to the survey it is proved that that the high speed websites have a greater impact on searches per user. Some of the websites have gained an increase of page views of an average of 25%, where 7-12% of increase of revenue was with the increase of the page speed. According to the statistics it is proved that almost half of the users expect the website to be fully available within 2 seconds and 75% of the user base usually does not return to the websites which takes more than 5 seconds.

Impacts on Ranking

Google, the major web browser today, has stated that that the speeds of the websites are an important factor for the search engine ranking, as the site speed reflects the responsiveness of the particular website to the customer needs. Though the loading time affects around 1 % of the search engine queries, it is a big deal to gain the search engine ranking.

Increasing the Speed

Have you ever wondered the reason for your website to be very slow? Any website or blog site is tending to face a low loading speed due to bad theme for your website and low quality web hosting services. Loads of JavaScript and external codes along with slow web hosting services, greatly impact the speed of the website.

With the assistance of an expert web hosting service provider you can measure the current speed of the website, so you can have a baseline to work on improving the speed. A dynamic website usually has to remove 100s of code lines, respond to several requests and make several queries to display. Upgrading the server for your website also can support greatly in increasing the speed of the website, as hosting your website in powerful servers will definitely help to load your pages faster.

With the assistance of SEO expert you can make the necessary hosting and web development changes to increase the speed. Using the WordPress you can obtain suitable themes to enhance the performance.

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