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There are plenty of websites launched now, of which their prime focus is to cater the clients and increasing the conversion rates of the prospects. All are competing for search rankings but with so many other competitive websites how do earn your website recognition? Of the billions of existing websites and the ones added every day, hoping to stand out in some way, do you think all achieve this target? Obviously we know they do not. Then what can be the reason for some websites though simple and chaste gains a large popularity while others are just ending up as waste of resources?

Cater the Audience Need

With the increasing competition in the websites, gaining a visibility is a hard task. A visitor to your website should exactly know what you are. Prospect would spend a few minutes in your website it’s not a large content that offers them the idea about you, but a typography a summary about you in 2 or 3 lines. This allows you to grab their attention.

Have a quality content that is liable to attract and please the audience and not you. Remember the site is for your audience; analyze what they like and cater them in that unique way. Keep uploading fresh content frequently that brings back your prospects frequently to your site.

Design an Attractive Layout

An attractive and welcoming layout and background is necessary for a client to ‘survive’ in your website, or rather your website to ‘survive’ in the rankings. Websites can be boring without any vibrant color content and designing in it. The color should also be relevant to the atmosphere of the client. Red color content in summer can chase away your client but while in Christmas time, that means gifts and pleasure seems welcoming and warm enough.

Add features to delight and attract your clients, rather than settling for what you know be innovative and fearless trying something different, that necessarily need not to be extraordinary but can also be amusing too.

Focus on Convenient Navigation

Your website should look attractive and posses a quality and also for it to stand out it should also have easy navigation. This eases the usability of the website. Visitors do not like to rummage through content they have no use of or have no interest in, providing prominent links, ease them and also display the designer’s creativity.

Include having Contact Details at the end of the page, where viewers usually expect to see some too. They can come back to your site, or post their queries and feedback.

Have SEO in Mind

Build your website targeting SEO. Add tags and optimize them as necessary because it’s through search engine you can gain a visibility and achieve a rank, which creates your traffic and makes you unique.

Consider Mobility for Your Site

Your well designed website should be available for all your prospects including the mobile-friendly users.  The last thing you would ever want is a disarray of your website, overlapping images and minute content in a mobile version of your website. Initialize responsive website designing so that your website flexibly optimizes it on any mobile devices your prospects are liable to use, and delivers them a perfect experience of using your website.

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