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WordPress is the major and the powering blogging platform today. As most of the people use WordPress for their websites, they rely on WordPress for the security of their websites. It is usual for the blogs and websites to get hacked, but being prepared for the threat is important. With simple measures you ensure the security of the website.

Basic Security

Usually a security of any device, software or program is emphasized by the passwords. So basically using the complex passwords with special characters, numbers and capital letters, you can create a different password. You should refrain from using common words and names as passwords.

Plugins Updates

WordPress offers you with numerous plugins to add various features to your website or blog. It is more appreciable to remove the plugins that do not respond or any plugins that you do not use for your blog site, as the outdated and functionless plugins are the weakness for any website as they pave the way for the hackers to hack your website easily.

It is important to keep your plugins updated, to ensure the safety of your website, it is much advisable to use the plugins that have frequent updates or that can be used with the latest version of the WordPress, as it might be a disadvantage for you if your plugins do not cooperate with your updates WordPress platform.

Web Host Security

If you want to make your website or blog site well secured with a safe environment, free hosting services is not the best choice. You can get the assistance of a paid hosting service, with a small amount of investment. You have considered the services and the reviews of the particular hosting service provider to make a better choice.

Security Measures for Your Computer

There is no use in enhancing the security for your WordPress website at a greater level when your computer is not protected from the hackers. The security measure done by upgrading the WordPress themes, plugins and platform alone does not protect your website or blog site, you also should concentrate on protecting your computer. Availability of any type of malicious files, which contains details to encrypt the login to your computer, can give the hackers an easy access to your computer with all the details you type with your keyboard. Using standard antivirus programs can ensure the safety of the belongings.

Regular Updates

Whenever you get an update from WordPress to update the platform, themes, plugins, widgets etc. it is important for you to update them immediately. As WordPress wed developers come up with new updates to enhance the security of the WordPress websites by fixing all the security holes and system vulnerability, you have to update the latest version to ensure the security of your website.

Obtaining Backup Files

Keeping the backup files is the best way to restore your website after any hacker attacks or any disaster. There are software and plugins which will store all the files and the database to your computer.

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