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Google Authorship is a method where Google identifies the content writers as well as the author of the blog. You can make your posts appear along with your Google plus profile in the Google search engine results, with simple setup process.

Process of Setting Up Google Authorship Markup and Obtaining the Search Result With Your Photo

Though you can easily come across several articles and posts about Google authorship markup and the procedure to setup, here you get a detailed process to setup it. Generally there are two methods to set up your Google Authorship.

Used a Verified Email Address to Link the Content in Your Blog to Your Google + Profile

How to Setup Google AuthorshipThis is the available easy way to set up your authorship, as you can do it with the use of an email address which has a similar name as the domain of your blog content. Your domain and the email address should have the same name. For example: [email protected].

Once you post articles on your blog of that domain, all your posts will have you clearly identified as the author for the post by line. It is important for you to make sure the name of the author given in the post is compatible with the name in your Google plus profile.

You can visit the Google Authorship page link to set up your Authorship. With the submission of your email address along with the adding of email address to the ‘work section’ and the domain to the ‘contributor section’ of your profile, you can easily customize the visibility for your domain and email address. You can simply sign in and get your account verified via the verification mail sent by Google.

Once you set up the Google Authorship markup for your blog, you can post numerous article or post with the author name and moreover the search engine shows the result with your Google+ profile picture.

In case when you do not have any email address at the domain of your content or you are not convenient with the procedure or verifying of the mail, you can choose the alternative method to set up the Google Authorship.

Google Authorship by Linking Your Blog Content to Your Google+ Profile

In this method, initially you have to link your Google+ profile to your webpage. Like <a href=”Profile Link” rel=”author”>Google </a>… You have to replace the Google plus link with your profile link and link it to your author bio section.

With the creation of the link from your blog content to your Google plus profile you have to create a similar link from your Google plus profile to your web content, thus you can make the search results appear with your profile picture. You can go to the Google+ profile contributor and choose ‘Add Custom Link’ to add the link to your website and save the changes. This way your Google Authorship markup is easily done.

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