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SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. This is the process whereby webmaster or SEO engineers change some website or webpage characteristic so that it ranks well on search engines. Page ranking in search engines cropped up in the 90s when the number of websites continued increasing hence there was a need of a platform that would make website searches easier. To date there are a lot of search engines that have been developed but the 3 most influential engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Many web owners want their websites want to rank better in search engines either for the purpose of promoting their business or just personal interest. The need for a good ranking has led to increased demand of SEO professionals and companies. There are a variety of SEO methods which can be simply classified as white-hat or black-hat. White-hat are those accepted by search engines while black-hat are those that are not accepted and using them may lead to the website being penalized.

Search Engine Functionality

Search engines basically work with the help of algorithms so as to ensure that the ranking of websites is precise. They have different algorithms that concentrate on specific attributes of the website. Over the passage of time website ranking has developed into a complicated process and algorithms are not as simple as before. Unlike in the past whereby search engine spiders would crawl on websites and collect specific information such as keywords only they nowadays gather a lot of information. Some of the information collected includes anchor texts, titles, keywords and links. Google’s pagerank algorithm highly relies on links as part of its ranking procedure. The websites with more links are viewed as being more important. People have tried to find dubious ways of cheating this algorithm but Google has constantly been updating the algorithm to ensure it detects any fraudulent activities. Importance of links has led to the increase of link farms and directory submission services. Directory submission has gained popularity because it is a white-hat technique hence there are no risks involved when using it.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a white-hat technique that has gained a lot of popularity of late. It is termed as being professional and bringing in genuine back links that are valuable to the development of the website. Directory submission is preferred rather than using random links from link farms since links from link farms can be unrelated to the sight and can even be detected by the search engines. It is important to use the right link building techniques because of the harsh penalties available for sites that don’t, some websites can be even banned by the search engine. Webmasters and SEO primarily resort to manual submission which are much better and make use of articles as a means of obtaining inbound links. The articles in SEO are treated with a lot of importance because ‘Content is Key’. If a website offers quality informative content then it is highly likely that its rating in the search engines will adversely increase. The main services being offered by SEO companies nowadays is directory submissions. They are even offering the service in different package; some of the widely available packages are basic directory submission, manual directory submission and multiple directory submission.

Packages Offered

Basic directory submission is cost friendly but not that effective. In this package a web owner gets a single URL, multiple titles and only one description. The manual submission is a bit better but the price is higher compared to the latter. In this package a web owner is offered a single url, multiple titles and multiple descriptions. This kind of package is mainly used on a specific page of a website because it cannot be shared out among pages. The package that is undoubtedly the best but somehow expensive is known as multiple directory submissions. This package offers multiple url usually about 10 of them, multiple titles and multiple description. It is used when sharing out the back links across the website’s pages and is definitely very effective.— The main things that trigger a successful submission are the keywords or key phrases used. The keyword or key phrases are highly considered in the search engines algorithm therefore if you chose the wrong keyword then the optimization may end up not being effective. The importance of SEO companies and professionals comes into play when considering aspect such as keywords because their effectiveness is everything. Back links on the other hand usually take time to increase because the content has to be seen for web traffic to direct to your page. Some links are even referred to other websites if they are really good hence leading to a bigger flow of traffic and ultimately better search engine ranking.

Ranking & Links

Linking to higher ranking sights related to the website is known to help in building the websites credibility and ranking. As earlier mentioned there are link farms that offer links to website owners at a certain price. Not only are these links easily detected by search engines but they are not strong in terms of ranking at all and do not add any value to the website. When seeking directory submissions it is important to find someone that is specialized or a firm that is experienced in such a practice. All the work done has to be monitored and content submitted analyzed to ensure that there is maximum effectiveness when being ranked. Directory submissions are a risk free and effective way of link building, gaining back links to be specific. All those who tried directory submissions with the right SEO companies have felt the effect because of the steady development of their websites.

The future

Link building is continuously developing and better methods are being discovered. So far though directory submissions are the best really effective in terms of obtaining links. The packages offered are indeed helpful in link building and there are probably going to be better packages in future.

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