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How to improve alexa rankingAlexa ranking has an important role in any website, especially the websites that are monetized. But to make the best out of the Alexa, it is important for you to know about the Alexa ranking system and simple ways to improve it.

What Is Alexa Ranking?

With the introduction of the Alexa Internet by, it functions in ranking the websites as well as the blog sites considering certain factors as well as the traffic received and this ranking is updated frequently. The lower the Alexa rank is the much better for the website.

The Process Measuring the Alexa Ranking

The ranking system used by Alexa is not the best when it comes to website ranking as it might be unfair in some ways. You only get your website or blog site ranked if the visitors to the website have the Alexa installed in their browsers, so unless this is installed the visitor count is not included in the search engine ranking of any website or blog site.

This eventually causes an unfair situation as the blogs or websites related to the blogging or technology can gain a better ranking than the blogs on various other topics, as people who usually go to the topic related to the blogging and technology have the Alexa in their browser.

Knowing the Importance of Alexa Ranking

The value and the importance of your blog is determined by considering several factors like the domain name as well as domain age of the blog, blog income, page rank in Google etc. and the Alexa ranking is also one of the major factors. If you prefer to monetize your blog to have an income, it is important for you to concentrate on the Alexa traffic ranking.

Advertisers look for the reputation of any blog before they invest their ads, and Alexa ranking gives a good reputation for the blogs. You can easily reflect your hard work, effort and professionalism via your blog with the improvement of the Alexa ranking. Moreover, most of the bloggers look for your blog’s Alexa ranking before accepting the guest posts you have submitted. The authority of your position is depicted by lower Alexa rankings.

Moreover, when it comes to the trading of the blogs, Alexa ranking has an important role. As usually any buyers determine the traffic of your blog with the Alexa ranking. Usually it is possible to sell low Alexa ranking blogs at a higher price.

Simple Measures to Improve the Alexa Ranking

Installing the Alexa to your browser is the best way to improve the ranking and you also share it within your circle for the process. You also should have the Alexa widget in your blog. You also have to make sure you post the blog article frequently. Alexa ranking is also improved by getting good quality backlinks for your blog and the Alexa ranking is also determined by the blog niche.

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