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iPhone Applications Mobile apps have emerged as one of the basic ingredients of our mobile phone usage nowadays. Whether it is an Android or an iOS system, users are full-on occupied with mobile apps. Somebody is busy in playing app games and some are using apps to run their businesses even. Web Masters Eye is a dynamic platform for providing iPhone app development services in Pakistan. Our professional teams and their unmatchable expertise will enhance your possibilities of obtaining success with your apps. Our success is hidden behind our fault-free app development process, which plays the key role in maintaining our product efficiency. Following are the steps we follow in the App development process.

Envisioning the concept

Conceptualization of your app idea is the first step in the app development process at Web Masters Eye. We clarify the vision on whose basis your app will be developed. We believe that theory plays a vital role in creating effective practical solutions. The process of envisioning includes brainstorming of different related app ideas. Finally the raw idea is shaped into a final ‘thought’ product. We help you analyze the scope of your app and that who would be its target audience.

Planning phase

This step includes the components identification. This step helps us virtually categorize your app idea into a series of tasks. These components are the different phases of the feasibility of the whole project. We divide your app development process into attainable steps and goals. Every phase has a certain time frame. After finding the right scope we group our goals in a series of processes. Later our expert teams display their talent to fulfill these processes.


Following the planning phase we prepare a prototype for your app. The user interface module is launched and the outcomes are analyzed to see if any changes are required. A complete presentation of the app is displayed to see its aesthetic and technical variations.

Development phase

Now comes the development phase. The prototype made in the previous step is now fully translated into a complete functional project. Our talented engineers use their masterful programming skills to make possible the impossible.

Testing phase

The next step is the testing phase. After we are done with the development phase, a hosting environment is created and integrated with the app requirements. Using the OTA (Over the Air) technique, the app functionalities are observed and finalized with optimum perfection.

Publishing of App

This step is the most fruitful of all. Now when all the technicalities are completed, it is the app’s publishing time on the application store. After the app is launched at the Apple’s app store further we are responsible for its support and maintenance services, if they arise with time.

Why we are better?

Our work is better than other companies that operate in Pakistan. We have the expertise that will take your business one step forward. Web Masters Eye convert ideas into profitable businesses. We believe that your ideas are worth being converted into apps. Our sincere and whole hearted devotion has always resulted in the successful orientation of our numerable valued clients. We are better because we know how to take your valuable ideas along with us and to develop successful and profitable apps from them.

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