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Keywords Placement

While including keywords in the content of your site as a part of SEO process, you need to be very careful to avoid spam techniques because such tactics may prove detrimental to your site. It may lower your rankings. Inappropriate use of appropriate keywords in the Title tag, Meta tags, anchor text, headings, alt text, or within the content of your webpages is likely to harm your search engines ranking. Try to adopt the following rules while making use of keywords in your site.

Never Be Content upon A Few Keywords

The web users never use the same phrase when they try to get information about any product or service. For this reason you cannot be content upon a few key phrases. Keep trying to target different keywords by tracking statistics of all your web pages. Then focus a group of different keywords because targeting a larger number of different keywords means to increase the number of visitors to your site.

Correlate the Use of Keywords with the Quality of Your Site

The quality of your site is the thing to be focused more than anything else. Search for the best keywords, make use of them on proper places with appropriate density, and correlate them to the quality of your site. The quality of the content and keywords density should go together.

Never Be Offhand Of Keywords

Keywords are not to be focussed upon only during web designing or web development, as most of the webmasters think. Once you have designed your website, you need to have persistent check on the performance of all your web pages. Track the general behaviour of visitors of your site through website statistics. It will help you modify and replace the keywords for the best results of search engine optimization. With the help of website statistics select most appropriate keywords, and create high-class content for your site for the purpose of reaching the desired results.

Content Keyword Stuffing

In the most recent past, the general behavior of the SEO experts was to overload the content of the web pages with targeted keywords. This tactic is no more fruitful now. The search engines don’t like the websites which are overstuffed with the keywords. So, you need to be more skilful in using the keywords and key phrases in your content.

Irrelevant Keywords

Introducing keywords whose counts for traffic are high but are not significant part of the content of your site often harms the ranking of your site on search engines, and by no means helps it. Try not to use keywords that do not correspond with your content, and ensure that all terms that are shown on the page give rise to your SEO task.

Use of Keywords in Image Content

When you post a picture to your website to use in your writing, you normally have the choice of putting different written text for that picture which is shown if a user cannot load your images in his browser. This alternate text is very helpful for the search engine optimization of your site. The text is included within the HTML and it is termed as Alt.-tag.

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