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WordPress TrafficWordPress is a free and open source blogging tool, a content management system and a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on web standards, usability and traffic. However, in order to be genuinely valued and to promptly seek attention, it is necessary to deal with high Volume Traffic. Ample site host and packages are the prerequisites to deal the traffic of such a high esteemed platform.

Website visitor’s is where it all starts, that boost your blog traffic in achieving a variety of goals like selling products and services, building brand awareness and positioning yourself as a thought leader to connect and network. Whatever the goals are, high traffic provides the perceptibility to engross and sell.

So do you want to increase website traffic to your site and looking for a top quality targeted traffic hits for your site?

Then you need to overcome the below two obstacles that keep your website from hitting the great volume of traffic:

  1. Mainframe Limits
  2. Network Limits

Mainframe Limits:

The high traffic volume lays on your own System’s inner resources. The requirements on your System should match by adequate processor ability and memory support. It demands two dependencies namely MySQL and Network Service.


It is used for stocking data for emerging output. Every time WordPress writes data, the server creates a concurrent connection to the MySQL database. By linking it your System it gets the data as text on the Mainframe and use FTP to move the file to the System using MySQL. Plus it also imports data to MySQL and it is batch oriented.

Network Service:

Since WordPress can be run on various platforms/programmes, that’s the reason it is favored as Network-server-neutral Application. It is necessary that the System must have the latest edition of MySQL to make a secure and contiguous background that operates WordPress. In addition your System should have strong platforms such as Apache and Linux, because Traffic and its requirements are also affected by its System’s performance and the type of platform it uses.

Network Limits:

Networking isn’t usually the most contended resource, but it needs the ability to configure very granular throughput rules especially when increased Traffic Volumes becomes a requirement. It is also important to acknowledge the existence of your System’s Net provider that links your Server to System’s inner network and fetches with a definite maximum velocity.  To monitor the bandwidth usage for your computer, your System should be linked to several devices that provides installation’s that control the transmission rates of your System.

In addition, WordPress requires various Plug-ins to yield the data from the web-server and stores it in your blog. W3TC or W3 Total Cache is the most recent plug-in that helps WordPress functioning effectively; it mixes the exploration of web evolution authorities to render optimum user experience and to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity.

Another Plug-in WordPress Super Cache yields HTML files. This plug-in also boost up WordPress blog reliably and allows easy modification, customization and enhancement to your WordPress blog.

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