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Android Apps DesignAndroid is the world’s leading mobile software system in this current era. It has more than 60% of the total market share in the Mobile software market. Android platform is equally popular in Pakistan as it is in the rest of the world. Mobile app usage is one of the increasing trends that have recently developed in Android phones nowadays. Keeping this popularity in eye, Web Masters Eye comes up with the best android app solutions in Pakistan. Our Android App development process is unique and goes through a tough stream of phases. It can be divided into the following steps.

Setup Development Phase

Initially the formation of the setup environment is the first step towards the app development procedure. After setting up the Android SDK’s, we define the android development tools that are to be used in the process. Android platforms are also decided in this step, on whose basis the development coding will be taking place. The setting up phase also occupies setting up of the AVD’s (Android virtual devices) which are connected with the hardware used and later used for testing purposes.

Development Phase

After setting up of the environment and various virtual devices we move on to the development phase. This step involves the most technical aspect of the whole process. Our expert engineers create your Android application through remarkable programming skills. The source code is written and further resource files are created. The android manifest files are also constructed in this phase.

Debugging and Testing Phase

Soon after the source code is complete; our technical team runs the application in the debugging mode. The debugging mode is where the code can be altered by the programmer to get the application functionality right. The programmer alters the code till he gets a perfect outcome of the requirements mentioned by the client. The debugging process is simultaneously cross checked by the quality assurance who make sure that the programmers are right on track. After the debugging is done, the quality assurance department test run’s the application in the real live environment on their behalf to obtain optimum perfection. We believe that there is no margin of error in order to achieve client’s satisfaction, which is our prior motivation.

Publication Phase

The last and the most important step is the publication of the application on the app store. The final release is confirmed after the approval of the project head. Once the app is published we make sure if our clients need further assistance and support.

How Are We Different?

We are different in our processes and in our approach towards development but on the other hand we are also closely associated with creativity, professionalism and client convenience. The friendly atmosphere with clients at our organization makes us special from our competitors. In Pakistan, Web Masters Eye leads the android app industry with its cost effective rates and high quality. Contact us freely for any queries regarding your app ideas. We would love to hear from you.

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