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The WordPress is becoming more popular day by day as it is becoming more useful for writers and the one who work for themselves like freelancers. Their are thousands of plugins for free but these free plugins cannot suppress the importance of premium plugins.

CommentLuv Premium:

The CommentLuv premium is the premium and most popular plug-in of WordPress, this plug-in attracts more readers and it shows whoever comments and it spreads the posts through internet. The authors can see all the comments, posts and even who many of them have downloaded and how many times everything can be viewed by author. This plug-in has come up block commenter’s and even this plug-in has a special feature which allow my posts to share all the social sites it is also called as social enticements.


Top 5 WordPress Plugins 2014The SEOPressor has 10 major steps to assemble the SEO content marketing namely it features the keywords in the right place at the right frequency, has perfect cross linking strategy, supports meta keywords, regularly check and control the keyword density, possess social engagement signals, supports rich snippet and many more.

  • Keywords in the right places at the right frequency:  The SEOPressor V5 feature have the dedicated engine which helps the user to know where to use appropriate keyword in your WordPress site.
  • Prefect cross linking strategy: The SEOPressor has the feature of cross linking within your content which helps us to reduce the average time spent.
  • Meta keywords: The SEOPressor has the feature whenever we want to post/page the same as content keyword this also is possible which can help us to search soon.
  • Big idea: The SEOPressor has the feature of catching the traffic for images by using ALT feature it helps the person who is searching for images.
  • Rich Snippets:  It helps to add whatever you want like description, recipes etc.
  • Write persuasive content: It is convenient for readers to take action and gives immediate solution.
  • Listen to Top bloggers:  Always try to listen to top bloggers what are their comments and suggestions.

BackUP Buddy:

It has not only the feature of maintaining backup it has many other features. It maintains all the schedule backup of all the data and files related to your blog.

Pretty Link Pro:

It is the WordPress plug-in which determines and furnish all the links in it’s domain and server. PLP will develop distinct links instead going through the lengthy process you can make use of PLP to make links. You make use of PLP if something is missing by using PLP you can find that easily.


This new plug-in is invented by Gen Allsopp from Vipper Chill, a blog covering Viral marketing. This plug-in links with many of the social sites which helps the visitor to share the post on their social sites. The plug-in has one more feature is able to empower the customize HTML/CSS code.

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